The soft night descending by Catherine Hyde

    The soft night descending by Catherine Hyde

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    So that’s how Castiel disappears.  (x)

    AU where Cas can’t really go invisible but he thinks he has the Winchesters fooled into believing that he can

    Sam: He’s lying on the ground again

    Dean: I know. Just don’t look at him and act amazed at his angel powers

    Cas: *giggles quietly at their feet*

    Someone write this!

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    'Sam' is the goofy, sassy brother in the four layers of plaid-

    'Sammy' is the baby with the shaggy hair & puppy dog faces-

    And ‘Sam Winchester’ is the professional business man that should’ve had that law degree-

    Sam Winchester is also Lucifer’s vessel

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    This commercial is still the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile.

    children are just small stoners

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    talk to kids like they’re people and take full interest in what they’re saying because they’re forming their personalities and it’s really vital that they know that their opinions are important and what they have to say deserves validation and respect. so when your three year old niece tells you that dragons don’t like cupcakes because the color blue is a spoon you better nod your head and ask her to explain more about that. 

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    what a girl wants…according to tumblr

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    Loki’s Purpose: Thor vs. Thor: The Dark World

    AKA Odin’s a Dickwad.

    "AKA Odin’s a Dickwad."

    Respectfully, no. He is not. He just has some writers that seem like they thought they could throw this scene together after the fact and make us a little more sorry for Loki. 

    Odin in Thor is completely different from Odin in Thor: The Dark World. The Odin we knew from the first film is stern but not cruel. He was wrong to keep the truth from Loki, but his intentions were good, and when the truth came out, he was honest about it. He loved Loki as as son, even if he could not relate to him as well as he did to Thor, and I am quite convinced he blamed himself at least partially for the path that Loki took as a result. 

    Odin in TDW is just vicious. He uses Loki’s own weapons against him, cutting him off, twisting his words, hurting him in his most vulnerable points—namely, Frigga, and his true parentage. Instead of “you are my son and I wanted only to protect you”, it’s “I made you my son and you should be grateful I didn’t let you die”. 

    I don’t get why Odin changed so much. He was a wonderful character, if flawed, in the first film, and then this happened. 

    Its my head-canon that Odin was going ‘unite’ the kingdoms

    Odin: Happy Birthday Thor, You’re king now

    Odin: Loki you’re adopted.  Also its time to marry your brother

    Odin: Lets have a parade and boar hunt to celebrate!

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    How Cecil thinks Carlos does science:image

    How Carlos actually does science:


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    Chris Pratt is literally a huge dorkball that just so happened to get paid to get fit and I literally would adore him in any shape he takes.



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